General Information

  • Laundry – We do laundry daily.
  • Drinks – Wine, beer & soft drinks are included – (if other preferred, please arrange in advance and it will be charged to your account)
  • We do have WI-FI but dependant on cell signal quality.
  • The electrical power is AC 220V 50Hz. Your equipment needs to be compatible for 220v. If not please bring a converter with.
  • No vaccinations are required to enter South Africa but only recommended if you are visiting an area known for malaria. Malaria is a concern in our area during our summer months (Raining season). Insect Repellent is available in the rooms.
  • Sunblock is necessary if hunting during February, March, April, September & October.
  • Payments –25% deposit is payable within 14 days to reserve a booking. The balance is payable via electronic funds transfer to our account within 5 days after leaving camp.
  • Our taxidermist will do the raw preparation to export the trophies and is also willing to mount your trophies. If you prefer your trophies to be completed in your country, please provide taxidermy details.
  • Gratuities (Tips), Guideline (Cash), Permits (Tags):
    - PH – $100 – $150/day per client.
    - Tracker +- $200 – for the entire hunt.
    - Skinner +- $200 – for the entire hunt. Depends on the amount of animals skinned.
    - Full Score Hunting Safaris staff (chefs, waiters, cleaners etc.) Depending on the length of the stay and how many clients.  
    +- $350 in total  
  • We need to apply for special permits (tags) at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival in South Africa if you are interested in harvesting any animals that are listed with CITES – Roans, Crocodiles, Lions, Baboons, Monkeys, small cats etc. Please send a copy of your passport with the request.